Leading in the manufacture and maintenance of ring machines, rings, collars, bobbins, sleeves and aprons.

Founded in 1835 as a family business, Bräcker AG has quickly become an expert in the major products of the textile industry. With the expansion into France in 1951, the foundation has been laid for a successful international development.



Bräcker AG has become a global market leader, especially in the overseas markets, thanks to the constantly opening new markets. The demanding and responsible position of Bräcker AG, which regularly documents its innovative strength and market understanding, is also a strong challenge. In 2001, the acquisition of GRETENER Bobbin was completed and strengthened by Bräcker AG.


Bräcker, with its sister companies Novibra, Suessen and Graf, provides a solid foundation for knowledge and market by strongly supporting and approving its privileged position in the market. This development continued successfully with the acquisition of the BERKOL Business Unit in December 2007. Bräcker AG currently has around 135 employees worldwide.


Bräcker, a technology leader with its own structures in development, production and marketing, offers:

  • high performance bracelet / ring for ring spinning machines
  • buckle
  • bobbin
  • Clutches and aprons
  • maintenance machines


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