High performance bucket coiler compartment and can changer mechanisms, as well as service machines used in spinning mills. Rosink Gmbh + Co Maschinenfabrik is located in Nordhern, Rosink-Veno Group with over 400 employees.


In addition to the high-performance bucket section and bucket changing mechanisms, the service machines used in the spinning mills are also included in the sales of our company. Since its founding, more than 35,000 Rosink machines have been sold worldwide. We have also developed parts cleaning machines for cleaning all of the water-based industrial cleaning parts.



The rational combination of mechanical parts and electronic groups ensures high capacity operation continuity with proven precision. As a basic principle, long-term durability tests are carried out before mass production. This also allows for functional reliability. Innovations such as the Rosink patented, pressure roller drive mechanism or computer-assisted bucket changer enhance the market’s reputation as a leading engineering expert and manufacturer. When we look at the past 60 years, we have seen skillful solutions to strip chase problems.


What distinguishes Rosink from its competitors;
• Experienced production team,
• Technical know-how
• Technology marvel CNC machines,
• High production accuracy,
• Excellent price-performance ratio.


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