It offers a wide range of spindles to meet the economy and quality requirements of spinning mills and spinning machine manufacturers. NOVIBRA is the leader in spindle technology and the only place that operates a 100% permanent spindle manufacturer and is the largest spindle exporter worldwide.


The company was founded in 1920 in Stuttgart Germany and transferred to Boskovice, Czech Republic in 1992. Novibra became a member of the Rieter Group in 2001. The revolutionary HPS spindle design introduced in 1988 changed the classic ring spinning and opened up the door to new spinning successes at speeds up to 25 000 RPM. So far this design has maintained its unbeatable position and has become synonymous with high-speed spindle design.


A wide range of spindles has been developed to provide the best response to the economy and quality requirements of spinning mill manufacturers and spinning machine manufacturers worldwide.



The leading position of Novibra spindles is based on the patented design of the spindle attachment. In addition to the full spindles, Novibra also provides individual inserts, so other spindle brands are also equipped with Novibra technology.


Further development of HPS has led to a further development and differentiation of our portfolio: NASA HPS has reduced sound and vibration levels and has become a standard for speeds between 20 000 and 25 000 RPM. Energy-efficient versions HPS / 3 and NASA / 3 significantly reduce energy consumption.


Novibra always focuses on reducing spindle vibration, high speed, consistent yarn quality, low maintenance and long life.


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