Roving Frame F 18 / F 38

Rieter Roving Frame Machines F 18 / F 38

Quality roving, produced economically

The new roving frames have up to 224 spindles. With the compact drive unit, the machine requires less space. Short doffing times guarantee a high production rate. A new feature with the F 38 is the option to install the bobbin converter at the head or the foot of the machine and to augment this with a tube cleaner.

This enables the roving frame to be easily integrated into a package transport system. Sensors monitor the roving tension and ensure a correct bobbin build-up. The roving frame thus produces roving of consistently high quality.


* The new roving frames have up to 224 spindles. The compact drive unit requires less space. That saves room costs as well as operating costs.

* With the speedy doffer, the machine achieves very good efficiency. This results in high productivity of the roving frame.

* The machine has a modern drive concept with efficient motors. By monitoring every single roving, suction becomes unnecessary. That saves energy.


* ROJ sensors monitor the running performance of the roving. Analysis of the recorded data is shown on the machine display.

* The roving tension control ensures roving evenness and a precise bobbin build-up.

* The roving subsequently runs faultlessly on the ring spinning machine.

* The roving frame F 18 has a swiveling bobbin bank. The bobbins are easily accessible for personnel and can be removed gently. This maintains the high quality of the roving.


* The bobbin convertor can be installed at either end of the machine. This allows the roving frame to be flexibly integrated in a package transport system (F 38).

* By means of the electronic drafting unit, the roving fineness can be quickly and easily adjusted on the display. That guarantees a quick reaction to market requirements.

* A new tube cleaner integrated into the convertor optionally replaces a central cleaning station. That increases the flexibility of the entire transport system (F 38).