UNIclean B 12

Pre-Cleaner UNIclean B 12

Efficient and Gentle Pre-Cleaning

One of the primary tasks in the blowroom is to remove trash and dust from the natural fibers (cotton, linen, etc.). This is achieved in one pre-cleaning stage and in up to three fine-cleaning stages.

The pre-cleaner UNIclean B 12 is fed with microtufts from the UNIfloc A 12. The tufts are fine-cleaned in the UNImix and UNIstore cleaning modules. In addition, a UNIclean B 17 is used for the fine-cleaning of heavily contaminated natural fibers.

The unique working principle

In the UNIclean B 12, double hooks pick up the material and mechanically pass it over the cleaning grid five times. The raw material is then directed across the integrated dedusting surfaces. The finest seed coat fragments and dust are mechanically removed.


Cleaning is performed without nipping points and is therefore very gentle on the fibers and also efficient.

Effective cleaning process

The optimum cross section of the grid bars, ideal material routing and the large dedusting surface result in the cleaning of up to 1 400 kilograms of material per hour. Cleaning is not disrupted by the influences of air. The removed trash drops into the waste chamber and is transferred to the waste removal system by an airlock roller. The waste extraction process is intermittent. Consequently, only approx. 0.5 m3/s of dust-laden air accumulates. This reduces the energy requirement.


As the B 12 requires little space, it can easily be incorporated into existing systems. It also improves the cleaning performance of existing systems.

Rapid adjustment in multi-assortment mode

When the UNIfloc A 12 processes different assortments, the settings of the B 12 are automatically adjusted to the specific material. This occurs via the UNIcontrol blowroom control.

Maximum Raw Material Usage

VARIOset: Integrated into All Rieter Cleaning Machines

Rapid adjustment to the raw material

With the VARIOline blowroom line, the VARIOset function is integrated into all cleaning machines. This function improves the flexibility of the VARIOline. VARIOset controls the cleaning intensity and the waste quantity. The degree of trash extraction can be adjusted quickly on the machine display and the settings are reproducible. The machines are easily adapted for the specific raw materials.

Simple operation and reproducible settings

The values for cleaning intensity and waste quantity are entered at the machine operating unit. They can also be adjusted using the UNIcontrol blowroom control, which controls the material flow and the settings of all blowroom machinery. The new data is automatically applied by the machine that is running. In VARIOset, the optimum parameters are assigned to each assortment. This enables maximum fiber yield from the cotton. Three different assortments can be processed. This is very convenient when lot changes are frequent.

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Varioline Pre-Cleaner UNIclean B 12