JKS Aprons & Cots

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Aprons & Cots Germany


We are your partner in Spinning!

JKS is a brand of J. Kaulhausen & Sohn Germany, the world leading supplier of Aprons & Cots for fibre production applications such as


  • Ring-Spinning
  • JET-Spinning
  • Compact-Spinning
  • Pre-Spinning
  • Texturizing and
  • Open-End-Spinning


JKS is the worldwide sole producer of Aprons made of rubber and leather.


The company was founded in 1872 and since then remains a family-owned enterprise based on tradition, knowledge and reliability.


Next to our natural German approach as Quality supplier we defined the following dynamic guiding themes for our products in order to ensure the finest yarn making process.


  • ALUPRESS Cots Products
  • Alupress Dura Cots Products
  • Rubber Apron Products
  • Jet Spinning Products
  • Companct Spinning Products
  • Texturising Spinning Products
  • Pre-Spinning Products
  • Leather Apron Products